Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Van Slyke Landscape, Inc. can help you “go green” without wasting water. Regional Water Districts have been increasing water rates at an alarming rate. Depending on your Water District you may be required to decrease your watering schedule, and your rate can increase for going over your monthly allotment. These restrictions and rate increases can be mitigated with the implementation of our Water Management Program, weather based controllers, drip/micro systems, and stream rotor sprinklers.

What can we do?

An irrigation system audit is a good way to determine if your irrigation systems are working efficiently. Van Slyke Landscape, Inc. will be happy to evaluate your existing system and advise you on how to make it more efficient and save water. The irrigation industry is making incredible progress in water conservation technology and products. Your water district may be offering rebate incentives for retrofitting your irrigation systems with these new water-saving devices. Van Slyke Landscape, Inc.’s certified and knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions about the newest water conservation products, technology and services.

Irrigation & Water Conservation Services

  • Develop Water Management Program
  • Smart Controller (weather-based) installation & servicing*
  • Irrigation auditing
  • Low volume rotary nozzle installation*
  • Drip & Micro-irrigation installation
  • Rainwater & runoff harvesting
  • Synthetic lawn installation*
  • Water-conserving mulches & professional lawn aeration
  • LED lighting**
  • Xeriscape, drought-tolerant, & drought-resistant plant selection & landscaping


*Irrigation retrofits are eligible for substaintial rebates from your water district

**LED lighting can save as much as 80% on your outdoor lighting bill



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