November’s Garden Guide

As we start getting ready for the holidays, we must not forget there is a lot to do to your landscape. The rainy season is upon us and 10% of our annual rainfall is in November. It’s important to plant and take advantage of winter rains. The winter rains will keep your plants thriving and flourishing all season long. The weather is cooling down and the warm soil will encourage root growth.

November is some of the best time to plant California native plants such as Cleveland Sage Salvia, Concha California Lilac, California Poppys, and Echeveria Colorata. After you plant don’t forget to mulch to keep moisture in and weeds down.


If you haven’t requested lawn aeration this fall, not to worry. There’s still time before winter sets in. The cool-seasons will allow growing from seed. Over seeding Bermuda grass with winter rye will allow your lawn to look lavishly all winter long.

As warm weather is still expected, we will likely see a longer life cycle of many pests. The pests will continue to infest and feed on plants and trees all throughout fall and winter. Please inform your garden crew if you notice any pests (Aphids, Caterpillars, Psyllids, Mites) so they may treat them. Preventatively, treating this fall and winter can save money and excessive treatments for next spring and summer.

It’s time to prepare for the rainy reason!

Authorities have warned the public to be prepared for El Nino. With wet ground and hard wind blowing, trees of all sizes can be uprooted. Installing anchor stakes and ties can help stabilize young trees and shrubs, but not too tightly as to let them develop strong trunks. The water drought, has been taking a toll on trees and making them weaker due to lack of moisture. Take a look at your trees and get some trimming done if needed.

It’s important to have materials on hand like sandbags, straw-waddles, and concrete edgers to effectively channel water to drainage areas. We recommend cleaning out rain gutters, tidying up the yard, storing or securing furniture and other loose items to prevent a frantic scramble and any damages.

You may consider investing in rain barrels. Rain Barrels collects rain from gutters and downspouts to mitigate water runoff into storm drains and other local water ways. It provides naturally “soft water” that contains no chlorine, fluorine and other chemicals.

Prepare your home for the rainy season. Contact Van Slyke Landscape, Inc. to evaluate and provide the following services: mulching for erosion control, drainage issues and flushing, rain gutter debris, grove erosion control, ground cover replanting for erosion control, tree and shrub pruning, and so much more.