Completion of Encinitas Landscape at North County Dime Basketball League Owner Haskell Residence Boasts Unusual Plant Material

Completion of Encinitas Landscape at North County Dime Basketball League Owner Haskell Residence Boasts Unusual Plant Material

Specialty turf selected by turf managers of Petco and Snapdragon

Encinitas, CA ─ A complete property renovation, including rare drought tolerant plant material and innovative landscape hardscape and entertaining spaces was recently completed to tie together a sustainably renovated landscape. Owner Rob Haskell, former CEO of Surf Cup Sports in Del Mar, who resides in Encinitas embarked upon a total landscape renovation due to his passion for distinctive plant material, backyard entertaining needs and water conservation. The Haskell project brought together landscape architect Rich Risner, Grounded Landscape Architects, landscape installation provider Van Slyke Landscape of Encinitas and the consultation of local industry experts and plant breeders. Speciality turf was selected and provided by AM Sod Farms, the same turf management experts that maintain Petco park and Snapdragon stadium.

“The Haskell project is unlike any other typical landscape renovation,” said Sean Van Slyke, President of Van Slyke Landscape, “Vast spaces of very unique and rarely planted in San Diego plant material make the landscape stand out in Encinitas and in the County. We were very proud to help make this landscape project come to life.”

The renovation on the two acre property was a completely new design and installation planting over 300 species, including large specimen trees and full-grown planting, not typical with most landscape projects. Approximately 2.7 acres of grounds were transformed with newly introduced large specimen trees such as the Drako/Dragon tree (Dracaena Marginata), Coastal Live Oak, Strawberry Trees (Arbutus Marina), Crape Myrtle and the come back of the hybridized California Pepper. These trees were installed in non-common sizes of 60 – 72 gallon boxes, transported by aerial crane and set into the existing property. In addition, rare plants – hearty and drought-tolerant – such as colored Aloes, Dracaena Marginata, Aloe Hercules, Aloe Madusa, Aloe Bainesii, Aloe Esculenta, Madagascar Ocotillo and Mexican Fence Post were installed in 15 gallon, 24” and 36” box sizes, larger than usual sized plants for speedier growth and maturity at the property. These aloes showcase in bright oranges, blues and greens and were all locally provided. Additionally, aloes were transplanted into corten planters – a type of steel that is meant to rust and bring distinctive beauty to the landscape. Large outdoor entertainment areas, such as multiple outdoor kitchens, sports courts, a batting cage, a sports pool, firepits and over thirty televisions were also installed to cap off the project. The full-bodied landscape installation project at the Haskell residence includes an outdoor kitchen with a 14’ table in custom stone and pizza ovens. LIghting provided by Wayngs Alliance Corporation (WAC) low-voltage Lighting, a brand of lighting commonly used for museum exhibits and home renovations, is installed throughout the property powered by 10 transformers. Specialty Latitude 36 Bermuda turf was installed with 10-12” of sand underneath to provide a flat and well-drained surface for roots to reach down deep and establish water resources.

“Every inch of property that could be landscaped – both in the front and backyards – is landscaped, including driveway entries, sports courts and around the pool and patios and I couldn’t be happier with the result,” said Haskell, owner of Dime Basketball (a basketball league based in Encinitas and South Carlsbad), “Van Slyke Landscape took the project plan and made it all come to life. I can’t believe how bright the plants look and likewise how they are all water conserving plants.”

Haskell and Van Slyke roped in local area landscape experts to hand-select unique plant varieties, including lighting expertSamantha Ownes, Owner of Barrels and Branches nursery, known as an expert in rare succulent breeding and advanced plant knowledge.

“Choosing plants for landscape renovations doesn’t always need to include repetitive standard varieties and drab colors,” said Samantha Owens of Barrels and Branches Nursery in Encinitas, “Types of Aloes that boast bright orange and red colors, salvias that bloom with brilliance in shades of pink, groundcovers that bloom in color developed in Australia and multiples of plants in bright greens, grays and blues round off the Haskell residence and make it as unique as they come.”

The existing soil at the Haskell residence was originally a super heavy clay soil, which Van Slyke Landscape worked to soften with the expertise of AgriService, a sustainable mulch and ground cover company. A soil amendment on the entire property was applied to work nutrients into the ground. French drains were installed in the clay to pick up all the water presence. This work ensured plants and turf that would be installed would have no problem continuing to mature and stay hearty and healthy. Inline drip, specialty sprays such as MP rotators and a high-tech, weather based irrigation clock (ACC2 2 wire system from Hunter) were installed on slopes, in the landscape and around the house.

The Haskell residence is frequently host to Little League and basketball practices for Encinitas and Carlsbad leagues and will be used for charitable events in the future.

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