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The ‘Field Manager’ is knowledgeable in all aspects of Landscape Maintenance. This position manages all landscape maintenance Crew’s, and acts as an intermediary between our Clients, Landscape Maintenance Account Manager and Company Upper Management. This is a physically demanding position. You are required to assist your Crew’s as necessary when schedules and budgets demand. Your responsibilities as ‘Field Manager’ include, but are not limited to, overseeing the Maintenance Leadsmen and Crews and the following Job Duties list.

  1. Ensure all work is completed in adherence to safety policies and guidelines.
  2. Conduct bi-weekly safety training and safety inspections on job sites.
  3. Conduct training of field staff on all maintenance equipment.
  4. Identify and correct all unsafe conditions and practices. Turn in documentation of actions to Account manager.
  5. Supervise and enforce safety program.
  6. Investigate all accidents or safety violations with Account Manager, prepare appropriate reports, take action to correct and prevent future occurrences. Define and implement solutions to reoccurring tor most common hazards. All accident reports, regardless of the nature, must be turned into Office Manager for proper processing, inform Office Manager of any proposed changes to Safety Program or Operating Procedures
  7. Work with Account Manager scheduling labor, equipment and materials to accomplish production schedules.
  8. Maintain strict adherence to establish schedules and budgets.
  9. Understand contract specifications and confirm they are met with complete customer satisfaction.
  10. Respond to customer complaints ensuring proper handling to achieve excellent Client satisfaction.
  11. Review daily worksheets for accuracy and completeness. Turn in daily to Account Manager.
  12. Report all issues with Personnel, equipment, and Clients to Account manager.
  13. Review and confirm that delivery tickets and purchase orders are correctly coded with project name and are turned for daily for processing.
  14. Manage Route and schedule provided by Account Manager of all landscape maintenance work.
  15. Manage work of all subcontractors on landscape maintenance projects. Confirm schedules and with Account Manager.
  16. Review finished work of all Subcontractors to confirm work and cleanup is preformed to Van Slyke Landscape Standards and contract specifications.
  17. Maintain inventory of materials, equipment and supplies to assure uninterrupted production levels. VAN SLYKE LANDSCAPE, INC. MAINTENANCE PRODUCTION MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION REV 7.7.2021
  18. Conduct monthly inventory of landscape maintenance materials and advise Account Manager when materials are needed.
  19. Preform irrigation and lighting controller programming. Confirm with Account Manager.
  20. Attend start up walk troughs with Client, Leadsman and Account Manager to identify Client’s needs, location of lighting and Irrigation controllers, water shut off devices, gate codes and emergency contacts.
  21. Attend walkthroughs, as requested by Clients with Leadsman and Account Manager.
  22. Communicates the company goals concerning landscape maintenance quality and processes.
  23. Manage upkeep of office grounds and Principals Garden to ensure they are routinely maintained and in showable conditions.
  24. Evaluate and advise Clients regarding any recommended treatments of plant diseases, insects and soil born problems.
  25. Treat plant diseases, insects and soil born problems per recommendations with Client’s approval.
  26. Maintain service records for Maintenance trucks and equipment Turn into Account Manager.
  27. Maintain equipment and vehicle preventive maintenance program.
  28. Maintain and update current Daily Schedule Sheets
  29. Maintain and update Client information/Weekly Schedule Sheet.
  30. Maintain a high level of good housekeeping and care of company assets in the field, vehicles, construction yard and Client work sites.
  31. Monitor and inform Account Manager of staffing needs.
  32. Research and be aware of Best Management Practices.


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