April’s Garden Guide

The days are longer and the climate is warm making it perfect to play in your garden. All the Local Nursery’s are loaded with their largest selection of flowering plants of the year. Planting color is an inexpensive way to keep your garden looking lavish for months. Color for special events must be planted 6-8 weeks prior to become established and merge with your landscape. It’s a good idea stake taller growing plants now while there still growing and easier to manage. Don’t forget mulching your planters is a great way to prevent evaporation, retain moisture, and help control weeds.

Spring is the best time for division of perennial plants. Perennials typically last for 2-5 years while annuals have a life cycle of approximately 3 months to a year. Perennial color plants have a shorter blossom period compared to annual color plants. Make sure they’re planted immediately after division.

Zinnias and Asters are some of the easiest annuals to grow and are beginning to show up in garden centers. These plants will make a massive burst of color in your garden. Both Zinnias and Asters  are daisy-like flowerheads that bloom heavily and grow quickly. You can find them in assorted colors like red, pink, purple, white, yellow, and multicolor. Great flower’s for attracting butterflies in your garden.

The past few months’ pests have been slowing down due to cooler weather. Spring warm weather will bring pest out in force. Snails, aphids, and slugs do their most damaged to new plants trying to establish themselves. Inform your Van Slyke Crew if you notice any undesirable garden pests.