50th Anniversary

Van Slyke Landscape is celebrating 50 years of business! It all started in 1970 when Marolyn & Paul Van Slyke started a gardening service to put themselves through college. In 1974 they purchased and operated Olivenhain Gardens Nursery and Landscaping. They raised their two boys around the nursery and they learned the landscaping trade from a very early age! In 1997, their oldest son, Sean Van Slyke officially joined the business, and in 2009 their son Bryan Van Slyke came on full-time as well. Now, fifty years later Van Slyke Landscape has much to look back on and celebrate.

In the early days Van Slyke Landscape was located in the same office they reside in today. Back then, Paul and Marolyn focused on running the Olivenhain Nursery, but as they learned of the growing need for gardening services and landscaping through clients who came through the nursery, they decided it was time to expand and offer their own landscape services. The Van Slykes began offering design, landscape and garden maintenance services, which has led them to the prominence and success they have today.

From the beginning the goal of Van Slyke Landscape has always been to provide top quality workmanship and services above and beyond our client’s expectations. Since the beginning, the Van Slykes had a deep desire to create long-lasting client relationships through creating unparalleled landscapes and providing top-quality gardening services.

One of the first Van Slyke Landscape clients was a gentleman in Rancho Santa Fe who had drainage issues. The foundation of the house was being flooded with rainwater coming from the exterior planters. After clearing and repairing damage in the crawl space, Van Slyke Landscape corrected the exterior drainage and continued providing services to this client for more than 20 years when he eventually moved to a retirement community.

That project and ongoing service catapulted them into an award-winning landscape company well-known across the greater San Diego area. Over the last several decades they have won numerous awards.

From their humble beginnings, Van Slyke Landscape was recognized as a business and business owners that valued integrity, quality service and a deep commitment to the community they served. The Van Slykes have honored that commitment through the years, and in the 1970s ,after the purchase of Olivehain Nursery, Paul Van Slyke was elected to the Olivenhain Town Council and appointed to the City of Encinitas Community Advisory Board.

Through the 1980s and 1990s Van Slyke Landscape received the prestigious Paul Ecke Trophy for best landscape display at the Del Mar Fair and 1st place award for best landscape presented by Landscape Magazine multiple times.

In the early and mid-2000s, Van Slyke Landscape brought home many California Landscape Contractors Association awards, including the Sweepstakes Award and the Jon R. Alsdorf Memorial Award.

Now with business continuing into the 2020s, there is still much to be determined, but with a track record as impressive as what the last 50 years have brought, there is no doubt they will continue to see huge success.

When asked about the success they have seen over the years, Sean Van Slyke simply stated, “Marolyn and Paul Van Slyke are the hardest working people I know. I can only hope to continue the legacy they started”.

This service-focused, humble approach is what Van Slyke Landscape has always provided, and continues to provide to each and every client. All of the projects that come across Van Slyke Landscape’s desk, no matter how big or small, are given the same attention and care, exemplifying Van Slyke Landscape’s dedication to service as a family-owned business.

Celebrating 50 years of excellence, Van Slyke Landscape provides landscape maintenance and installation and has been a landmark in the business community of North County San Diego, California. Implementing the latest technology in landscape design and plant material, Van Slyke Landscape aims to install and maintain residences with precision and keen attention to detail not often executed at many properties. Founders Paul and Marolyn Van Slyke have been a staple in the community and landscape industry and seek to propel the vision of landscape excellence at estates and homes in San Diego.

Founders Paul and Marolyn Van Slyke have been a staple in the community and landscape industry. Continuing their legacy, Sean seeks to propel the same vision of landscape excellence at estates and homes in San Diego.